Financial support


The main role of the SLOLIA (Slovak Literature Abroad) grant system is to support the publication of Slovak literature in translation. Foreign publishers may request financial support for the publication in translation of books by Slovak authors. A grant approved by the SLOLIA Commission should completely or partially cover the costs of translation expenses, author’s fees and, in reasonable cases, part of the printing costs also.

Selections of individual poets, poetry anthologies, novels, writings for children and young adults, selections of dramatic works and drama anthologies, essays and, exceptionally, theoretical works on literature, may be supported. Applications for translations into world languages are welcomed, as are those into the languages of smaller countries and peoples. No one language takes precedence over another.

The SLOLIA Commission may grant awards only for those books which, at the time of the application, have not come out in book form. It is not possible to give support for an already-published work. 

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Procedures and conditions for the granting of support:

  • For the support and promotion abroad of Slovak literature LIC, in close cooperation with the Literary Fund, provides grants to non-resident translators, literary theorists, linguists, university lecturers, and students of Slovak literature.
  • A grant is given for a translation stay (2 - 3 weeks) on the basis of a request submitted with justifications (study or translation) for the project.
  • The grant is not provided in cash, but in the form of a funded stay, which includes accommodation (in Bratislava) or accommodation and board (in the Slovak Writers House Timrava in Horný Smokovec or in the House of I. Stodola in Piešťany): grant awardees are given pocket money only (in the case of a stay in Bratislava also an amount for meals).
  • It is not possible to spend a study-stay in the Slovak Writers House Timrava in Horný Smokovec or in the House of I. Stodola in Piešťany in the months of July, August and September.
  • A condition of the granting of the award—apart from the duly reasoned and approved request—is also the declaration of the applicants that during their stay in Slovakia they will not enjoy support from another organisation.
  • Applications for grants should be to The Slovak Centre for Literary Translation (SCUP), founded 1st October 1995 as an integral part of LIC in Bratislava

Aplication form (SCUP)
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