Literary Anthology of Visegrad 4 Countries

Let's be honest: who wouldn't  like  to  see what  their next-door neighbours are getting up to and know what is really going on in their heads? How do Czechs, Hungarians, Poles and Slovaks really see themselves? And, what's more, how do Czechs, Hungarians, Poles and Slovaks see us? What do they think, what do they talk about and what do  they write about? Language is the soul of literature. A nation is defined by  its literature  as it is, of course, by  all of  its arts.

This work represents a unique undertaking that collects thirteen short stories from Central European writers,  translated  into  the  four  languages of  the  region and also  into English.

Combined in this way, the anthology depicts a colourful literary map drawn at the  turn  of  the  new  millennium,  with  contours  that  are  both  uplifting  and imposing  and  details  that  are  sometimes  light,  sometimes  dark. The  thirteen authors create and  represent  just as many different worlds although all  the pieces  in this collection appear  to hold a  shared  literary resonance. This  is perhaps  the  sound of  the beating heart of Central Europe.

(Text from antology's foreword)


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